The Company

Beta Viaggi is a bus and car rental company that has been operating in the passenger transport sector since 1964.

Founded by the progenitor Fermo Broggi with the name of Autoservizi Broggi, it begins to operate as a bus dealership that connects the Interland Milanese to the main industrial centers of the area, Alfa Romeo, Pirelli, successively expanding and specializing in the tourism sector.

Today the company is run by his sons Alberto and Gerolamo Broggi, who dedicate all their professional and courteous resources to the company.

The company’s goal is to provide a quality transportation service in the tourism sector, for any national and international travel needs.


Technical director

Broggi Gerolamo

Commercial Manager

Alberto Broggi,

Technical Manager

Gerolamo Broggi,

Administrative Manager

Cristina Broggi,